View Full Version : Problem in creating package using install shield 11

03-30-2015, 06:37 AM
We are creating a msi package for our application using install shield version 11. The coding is compiled using VS2008. We changed the version as 1.20.3 in the code and compiled the same using VS and we are able to see it as 1.20.3 in the application.But when we create msi package in installshield using the same code and installing the same package the version title seems to be 1.20.2 that is its previous version.In our code there is no string as1.20.2 .Is there any settings needed to be done in installshield to make the changes.We made all possible changes in the ism file as well as in install shield settings to 1.20.3.

In the top left corner of our application got the title as 1.20.3 from VS compilation.Please help me to get out from this issue