View Full Version : Reduce build time

03-16-2015, 06:17 AM
Hi All,

I have nearly 4 GB of files and folder to package and I am using "install from manifest files" action to deploy the files and folder. I have started the build using "Web Installer Options" seems, the build getting hang and I am unable to make the package. I am using "IA 2013 Premier" edition.

The reason for using "install from manifest files" action is I have to set some rules for files and folder dynamically. That is, I am creating a manifest file and updating the IA xml using some scripts.

So, please advice me

1. How much I can bundle using "Web Installer Options" and "CD-ROM installer option"
2. How long will IA take to package 4 GB files and folder normally.
3. What are the ways to reduce the build time for this much of files and folder.

Thanks in advance