View Full Version : VS 2013 prof - install shield - licence dependencies ?

02-23-2015, 05:35 AM
Sorry, searching the forum for nearly an hour, didn' find a better place than this to post:
As a newby (comming from borland c++6.0) I was really stunned by the fact that Microsoft VisualStudio (MS VS) outsourced the build process to a third party product. The answers to my questions concerning this are somewhat 'hidden' all over the MS place. Hope I'll get them here:
(1) Is a flexera install shield licence included when I purchase a VS2013/15 professional licence?
(2) If not, is there a way to avoid tampering with 'redistributables' but bind (as borland offered) small_tool_with_all_stuff_included_exe files instead?
(3) Faced with that lots of topics and posts, must I be afraid of increasing my problem area sicnificantly by the fact, that binding executables from now on will be a more or less dedicated child process?
(4) Are there alternatives ?
Thanks a lot