View Full Version : Unlicensed Installs

02-02-2015, 09:41 AM
I wonder if anyone can help , I am quite new to Flexera so bear with me !!

I have added a license for an application , in this case SNAG-IT , made the license downgradable so it covers cersion 12 down to 8... All looks good so far... but when I look at the License summary it shows versions 8 and 9 and UNLICENSED INSTALLS? Even when you expand the versions 8 and 9 it shows my Snag-it license in the License Types box? ?

This is a brand new install so lots of work ahead but I would like to get this bit correct before I move on :O)

I guess its the difference between an unlicensed INSTALL and an unlicensed APPLICATION. as the issue appears to say its an unlicensed INSTALL ......
Any ideas.