View Full Version : Multiple instances and uninstall

01-29-2015, 05:45 AM
For the life of me I can track down why have have this problem. I have created an install that supports 5 instances. There are NO shared components so I don't have reference counting.

Start the install and deploy into program Files\Neil\instance1
Run again and install to Program Files\Neil\Instance2

All cool everyone happy.

Uninstall Instance1 and the "Instance1" folder gets left behind and it empty......I expect that to get deleted and just Neil left behind.
Uninstall instance2 and it removes the Instance2 folder, Neil can't get removed and Instance1 would block deletion, I understand that.

But if I uninstall in the reverse sequence it cleans up 100%

The log file does not yield a clue to why they remain.

Removal of registry entries suffers a similar problem.

Install 1 instance and uninstall it things are perfect......it's only when you install multiple instances and uninstall out of sequence.

I'd just like to get to the bottom of it rather than have custom actions doing what should be done in the first place.

Ideas anyone?