View Full Version : BUGs: Fonts not installing correctly, Restart Message, fonts installed from INTALLDIR

01-15-2015, 09:29 PM
There are several issues here that need to be addressed.

Note that all these tests installs were run as Administrator.

Bug 1:
I have a basic Express project, installing many files. Most get installed correctly. This behavior started with Express 2013 . I purchased 2014 thinking it would fix the problem.

I put the 6 fonts in my main folder [INSTALLDIR] , and then copied 3 of them to the ]FONTSFOLDER]. I wanted the 3 in the [FONTSFOLDER] to not be removed on uninstall, so i set the permanent flag.

Upon running Setup.exe everything seemed to go ok, however I noticed that all of the 6 fonts were installed into the system font folder, not just the 3 that I wanted. So Installshield is automagically detecting that I have fonts and placing them in the system font folder, which is not what I requested.

Bug 2.
On uninstall I got a message that said System Restart would be needed......., do you want to continue. I continued and everything seemed to uninstall correctly, however after a completions a Restart was not requested or initiated. ->>> Bug 3.

Bug 4.
I then discovered that all fonts were removed, even the ones that were marked as Permanent in the [FONTSFOLDER]

After messing around with the configuration is when I found that the files from [INSTALLDIR] were being installed, and none from the [FONTSFOLDER]

So I removed all the fonts out of the [FONTSFOLDER] and marked the ones in the [INSTALLDIR] as permanent. On Uninstall the System Restart message was gone (likely because fonts where not being removed from the System Font Folder) . However, the [INSTALLDIR] was left behind with the 6 fonts that were marked as permanent. This folder and files cannot be removed normally.

Why install font files into the Font Folder from the [INSTALLDIR] that are not requested to be installed? Installshield tech support could not answer this.
Why does the [FONTSFOLDER] not behave as advertised?

On the most recent test, even fonts in the [INSTALLDIR] were not being installed (per 2 of my testers) . What is with changes of behavior per build ?

01-16-2015, 06:00 AM
Additionally, NOTHING should ever be installed with the permanent option. It makes it almost impossible to delete without serious permission changes and good luck.

What InstallShield needs is just a "Do not uninstall option"

The Permanent option is a really lame way to stop uninstall. A decent programmer could set a flag for "do not uninstall" and leave that item alone on uninstall.

Recommend you don't use it.