View Full Version : Installation hangs and shows App Crash in event viewer for Msiexec.exe

12-23-2014, 01:59 AM

I have recently Upgraded from Installshield 2012 Spring to Installshield 2014. During Upgrades of Installers created by Installshield 2014 , Installation hangs and when I checked event viewer I found faulting application Msiexec.exe where as faulting module was ole32.dll on WIndows Server 2008R2 ans Msi..tmp on Windows Server 2012. It does happen randomly so I am not able to find what is actually causing the crash. Also Installers created with Installshield 2014 seem to take more time compared to Installers created using Installshield 2012 Spring.
Can anyone help and suggest whether this is Installshield issues or environment issues ?

Thanks .