View Full Version : WiseScript no error but doesnt place install file...

11-14-2014, 11:38 AM
Ok so I have a WiseScript that all works. except for one portion. on a install file. My 2 other install files work but they are direct .exe... this one is a folder and all subfolders. looks like it is going to start but then fails... cant figure out why. It also creates a ton of backup wse files... w02-.w025

anything you can think of or seen that before where all these files get created?

every backup wse file is 1,420k and so is the .exe which should actually be 100mb...

so this is WiseScript 12

so I used installation expert to bring all the files in... it created individual lines..

seems the issue is with java..
.class or .java

anyone see this before?

11-14-2014, 01:45 PM
the commented out ones are a problem. I have 350 files in here.. so it is time consuming but I will need to know why as I need these files..

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopup.java to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopup.java

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupCheckItem.class to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupCheckItem.class

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupCheckItem.java to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupCheckItem.java

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupItem.class to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupItem.class

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupItem.java to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupItem.java

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupSeparator.class to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupSeparator.class

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupSeparator.java to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupSeparator.java

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupSimpleItem.class to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupSimpleItem.class

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupSimpleItem.java to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\TrayIconPopupSimpleItem.java

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\WindowsTrayIcon.class to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\WindowsTrayIcon.class

Install File C:\PDFAgent\src\com\jeans\trayicon\WindowsTrayIcon.java to %MAINDIR%\src\com\jeans\trayicon\WindowsTrayIcon.java

11-14-2014, 03:39 PM
Good ole WiseScript 8...
did same script and works like a charm.. go figure...