View Full Version : Link radio button selection to which dialog to display next

10-17-2014, 11:28 AM
I have Installshield 2014 - I want to have a new dialog that shows a radio button group, with radio buttons Yes and No (the text and value property is set accordingly for each button). I have this dialog created and inserted into the project, and it appears on the installer. The Radio Button Group property is set to INSTALLSERVER. When the user selects yes I want the next dialog to be displayed to be the SQLLogin. When No I want to display ReadyToInstall.

I have events set on the Next button

Event: NewDialog
Argument: ReadyToInstall

Event: NewDialog
Argument: SQLLogin

But nothing happens when I click the button. So it must not be setting the property properly.

Note that in the Property Manager I have set INSTALLSERVER=Yes and the Yes button is checked when I go to the dialog, indicating the property is working or visible.

How do I link which radio button the user selects to setting the property?

10-17-2014, 11:56 AM
The solution is easy, quotes need to be around the text. ="No" or ="Yes"