View Full Version : minor updates no longer working on uptodate patched Windows 7 x64 (without runas adm)

09-30-2014, 09:34 AM

I just noticed that minor updates of our InstallScript MSI Project stopped working on uptodate patched Windows 7 x64. (didn't test it with other OS)
They work if i us runas Administrator, but that is not an option for our customers.
On an snapshot of the Windows 7 x64 client from 05.05.2014 everything works as expected.

I have three builds of our current Project (same ProductCode, different PackageCode).
*) Build1 from December 2013 build with IS2012
*) Build2 from March 2014 build with IS2012
*) Build3 from last week build with IS2014

I install the product with Build1 and then run either Build2 or Build3. First it reads that an update is made and the normal update-process starts, but right when the progressbar reads "copying new files" the install window closes immediately. When i try the update again, first it once again reads that an update is made, then a popup appears that the update will be continued, but again it stops immediately.

When i use runas Administrator or use the older snapshot everything works as usual.

regards Bernhard