View Full Version : While Major upgade installer doesn't list instance other than first

09-29-2014, 07:29 AM

I am checking multiple instances option provided with install shield 2014 professional. I created sample project to check major upgrade functionality for multiple instance.

First, I install two or more instance of same version on system. Now I update the product code in 'General Information' section and also update the product code for each instances in multiple instance tab under 'Release' section.

Now when I run installer, it only shows the first instance for upgrade. All the other instances are not listed for upgrade.

Can you please explain why installer does not list all the instances?

09-29-2014, 08:16 AM
Do your instances have different UpgradeCode values defined? If not, any instance will cause all the ones that share the same UpgradeCode to be removed, so there is only a single choice for the user to select.

09-30-2014, 07:52 AM
Hi Michael,

My requirement is that, I want to provide multiple instance for my application which should also supports major upgrade functionality. And Installshield 2014 supports major upgrade functionality for multiple instances.

I follow steps for checking major upgrade for multiple instances:
- Install two or more instance of sample application having v1.0
- Modify 'Product Code' for all the instances. I do not modify 'Upgrade Code', it will be same for all instances.
- Modify version number to v1.1.
- Build the installer.

When I executed installer, it displays the screen of existing instances. But is only shows the default(first) instance installed for previous version.

Now from above steps if I only modify 'Product Code' for default instance (General Information section) and not for multiple instances created in Release section. And now for upgrade scenario, if I execute installer for the screen with list for existing instances show all instances other than default.

And one more issue I came across issue, when try to add new property 'Product Name' for multiple instance in 'Release' section installshield give compile error with code '6624' and warning with code '7235'. I guess, I am missing some steps for settings installer to support major upgrade in multiple instance.

Could you please provide high level steps to create installer which supports major upgrade for multiple instance?


09-30-2014, 08:24 AM
The requirements for supporting major upgrades against projects with multiple instances are documented in Configuring and Building a Major Upgrade that Includes Multiple-Instance Support (http://helpnet.flexerasoftware.com/installshield21helplib/helplibrary/MultipleInst-MajorUpgrade.htm) - note in particular the steps include changing the UpgradeCode for each instance.

I'm not certain what's related to the 6624 error, unless perhaps you are trying to specify "Product Name" instead of "ProductName" (the space in the first is significant). The 7235 warning is itself unrelated to multiple instances or major upgrades, and can be disabled by either turning off or fully configuring software tagging in the General Information view.

10-16-2014, 06:56 AM
Thank you for your help MichaelU. I was able create multiple instances as per the steps provided in help file. However, I've some issue with major upgrade for instance other than default. Below I have describe the scenario and issue I am facing.

I've created two new instances in installshield in Releases view Multiple-Instance tab and added upgrade code and product version property for the instances created. Thus, there are total three instances.

There is only single item 'ISPREVENTDOWNGRADE' in upgrades view with 'product sharing my upgrade code' option selected to prevent from downgrade of application. Now for given system, I'd installed two instance of application having v1.0.

For performing major upgrade, I've updated the product code and version to 2.0 for all the instances. When installer is executed, if default instance is selected for major upgrade, installer perform upgrade for default instance only. For other instances, installer do not perform major upgrade.

When I checked logs, it is observed that, "SetAllUsers" action will find related product installed having upgrade code same as default's upgrade code. However, if instance #1 is selected for upgrade, "SetAllUsers" action couldn't find any related product installed.

Its observed that 'SetAllUsers' action only checks product installed for default instance upgrade code only. Even if any other instance is selected for upgrade, the FindRelatedProduct action only checks for product with default instance upgraded code. And therefore installer doesn't perform major upgrade for instance other than default instance.

If you require, I can provide details of upgrade code for all instances and logs files.

Could you please help and provide steps require to make installer to check for product installed for upgrade code of instance selected.

Thanks in advance.