View Full Version : Location of Advanced Files on a Basic MSI project

09-24-2014, 09:29 AM

I have a Basic MSI installer project that we use to install our application as well as SQL Server Express 2012 and run sql scripts to restore a couple of backups. This all worked well when I had the backup files as language independent support files, I was using [SUPPORTDIR] as the path to the files, however, the backup now is over 3GB and I can't include it there (Installshield just chokes for some reason, even without trying to compress or embed the files on the setup.exe). So I moved the files to the Advanced Files > Disk 1 folder, but now I can't find a way to locate them, I've tried SOURCEDIR and SETUPEXEDIR and they come back blank, also tried reading those variables with an installscript right in the begining of the setup and they are blank as well.

I could put the files under the application files I'm copying and then have a custom action to delete them, but I would have to have everything (including my application files) uncompressed which is something I'm trying to avoid.

Any guidance or ideas in how to accomplish this would be appreciated.