View Full Version : Issue with installer step label - auto populate label out of control

Xavier Outhier
09-05-2014, 05:26 AM
Hi all,

I have a very strange issue with IA 2013. I'm not able to set the step label I want.
In the project file, there are several panels at pre-install: intro, license, chooser install folder, some custom panels, pre-install summary and install complete.
On the left side, we have steps for intro, license and we would like then a single one for the options (including Choose Install Folder), pre-install summary, installing and install complete.
The issue is that it's not possible to have the label with text we want to. It always set it to the Choose Install Folder text.:(
When we try to set it as expected IA 2013 automagically revert it. It's impossible to change the setting in Installer UILook and Feel Seetings/Installers steps/Installer Steps Default settings. Each time we try to check out the Auto populate when saving check box and add a new label or edit one, it automagically revert to be cheked.But even if we succeed to set the set label. The next time the iap_fxml file is open do absolutely nothing and save, then it's reverted back!!!!! :mad:
This was not the case when using IA2012 and appeared after migrating to IA 2013.

Is this a know issue? Is there a way to really disable the auto populate labels when saving and not having this weird behavior?