View Full Version : Permission problems during upgrade mode

08-27-2014, 05:21 AM
I have a setup.exe built as an InstallScript MSI project (installshield pro 2014). The setup.exe installs the program per user (ALLUSERS=1), and no admin permissions are required (execution level set to 'Invoker').
I can install/uninstall/repair/modify without admin privileges. When I create a new build (let's say a small upgrade - version stays the same, only the package changes), I run the new setup.exe and get prompted to perform an upgrade (since I have an earlier build already installed). When the upgrade process begins, I get an error(1625) saying I don't have the sufficient privileges.
Is there a way to modify the process in upgrade mode? (it seems like it starts before onBegin()).
So to bottom line the problem: I can install/uninstall without admin rights, but can't perform an upgrade without them. How do I solve this?