View Full Version : InstallScript project not invoking SQL scripts

07-23-2014, 09:00 AM

I have an Installscript based project within IS2014 to install an application which can either work with a local database or use an existing remote database.

In the dialogs of the installer, the user can select if the installation of the local database is required. If he does so, during the installation process, the SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB will be installed together with the SQL Native Client. This part works well so far.

But, in the Installation Designer under Server Configuration/SQL Scripts, I configured a server with target (localdb)\MyInstance (which is the instance I created within the InstallScript) and added the SQL scripts together with the text replacements in order to create the schema. These scripts are however never invoked,

Any idea what I have to do within the InstallScript part to have these SQL scripts executed?