View Full Version : IS 2014 InstallScript MSI Project

07-14-2014, 10:50 AM
I have inherited an older project that I imported into IS 2014, I currently have it working as intended and it produces an exe that installs correctly. There is some custom scripting that backs up an MDB file that is then restored after the install is completed. My question is two fold......

What is the correct process of adding an installation of SQL Server Express 2008 r2, and then using that instance to install a SQL script and then port the data over from the MDB (table structure is staying intact) would be just moving data....Is each part available in the UI or do I have to create more scripts to do this? Can anyone lead me in the right direction? I know I have to add a redistributable but not quite sure about how to create the structure of the db, I mean does the created instance of SQL Express when custom information is added like user and pass able to be accessed later in the Installer to create the scripts? Best way to tackle data migration from access to sql?