View Full Version : Setup.exe using previously cached msi, from other version :(

07-02-2014, 03:11 PM
Here's what I observed myself, on a specific workstation:

Launch our Setup.2.0.0.exe
After uncompressing msi, setup screen says Version 2.1.0, instead of 2.0.0
The msi is uncompressed to [user profile]\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations, instead of %temp%
Checking the extracted msi, it is version 2.1.0, not 2.0.0
Doing the exact same thing on another workstation with the same Setup.2.0.0.exe gives the correct msi v2.0.0 in the %temp% folder, and the setup screen shows Version 2.0.0, as expected.

I've checked everywhere I can think the cached msi could hide but have found nothing :
- I flushed [user profile]\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations completely : every time I launched Setup.2.0.0.exe, it would create a folder here with the v2.1.0 msi.
- msi not found in %temp%
- msi not found in C:\Windows
- msi not found in C:\Users

In the log, I see this :

line 126: MSI (c) (40:78) [10:41:57:565]: Command Line: TRANSFORMS=C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations\{2095B9AA-9CCA-4838-9247-34F3D9C8259C}\3084.MST SETUPEXEDIR=D: SETUPEXENAME=Setup.2.0.0.exe CURRENTDIRECTORY=D:\ CLIENTUILEVEL=0 CLIENTPROCESSID=4416

line 149: MSI (c) (40:78) [10:41:57:568]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Modifying SETUPEXENAME property. Its current value is 'Setup.2.1.0.exe'. Its new value: 'Setup.2.0.0.exe'.

line 954: Property(C): SETUPEXENAME = Setup.2.0.0.exe

Note: the "Setup.2.1.0.exe" was nowhere on that workstation at that time.
I needed the msi for a proper uninstallation from a GPO and have since resolved the problem, but I'd like to know where it was pulling the v2.1.0 msi from...

Anyone know where that rogue msi would be hidden?

This is not critically important, but it was confusing to see this behaviour...