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06-23-2014, 12:22 PM
Downloaded AdminStudio 2013 21-day trial, and the "WiseScript Package Editor.msi". When I attempt to install WiseScript Package Eidtor, it says I need to have Admin Studio installed.


1) Does the WiseScript Package Editor work with AdminStudio 2013??
2) What version of AdminStudio I can install and still utilize the WiseScript editor functionality?

I've a 10+ year repository of WiseScripts / packages and would like to continue using the WiseScript editor functionality.

Any assistance/data would be greatly appreciated!


07-25-2014, 02:10 AM
there is no integration with AdminStudio.
This is a standalone product and was available for the AdminStudio for Symantec conversion customers.
Separate license key is required.

Evan Border
08-11-2014, 05:38 PM
There have been three Flexera Software releases of WiseScript:
1. The original release from August 2012. This is the one which required the user to have a special "AdminStudio for Symantec" activation key for AdminStudio 11.0 or AdminStudio 11.5. Without the special "for Symantec" activation key, you'll receive an error message stating that you require a "higher edition of AdminStudio" when launching the WiseScript Package Editor shortcut.

2. The second release is from July 2013. This is referred to as "WiseScript 2013". This release has its own activation code instead of relying on a special "for Symantec" code.

3. The third and most recent release (as of the date of this forum post, August 11, 2014) is from November 2013 and is still referred to as "WiseScript 2013"...it contains bug fixes, most notably for a problem that prevented custom dialogs from functioning. The November 2013 release uses the same activation key as the July 2013 release.

There is a KB article on how to obtain the WiseScript Package Editor:

To download the WiseScript Package Editor, log into the Flexera Software Product and License Center:

If you do not have a Flexera Software Product and License Center account, see the following KB article for the steps to create one: