View Full Version : ISEXP : fatal error -7159: When calling ISCmdBld from TFS

06-18-2014, 04:08 AM
We get this error;

ISEXP : fatal error -7159: The product license has expired or has not yet been initialized.

When trying call call InstallShield from TFS 2012.

It looks like this issue is this - https://flexeracommunity.force.com/customer/articles/en_US/ERRDOC/Q212933, but we aren't able to just change our build server to run under a different account. Nor can we put the NetworkService account in the local administrators group as that's not good practice either.

Any ideas how to resolve this issue - we shouldn't have to rely on an elevated privilege just to ensure that a product is licensed. Do we need to unregister and reregister the Installshield install in a different way ? Or is there a way to run install shield from TFS via InvokeProcess but using a different account ?