View Full Version : Setup not started after reboot

06-18-2014, 04:01 AM
Hi at all,

I have following problem in a InstallShield ism Project (no MSI!) : Durring the update-installation, there are some files which can not be copied. So, BATCH_INSTALL is set to a Value != FALSE in the OnEnd() Function. So, at the End of the setup, the Reboot-Dialog is shown. If I Select "YES", the Computer reboots, but setup do not automatically restart after reboot. If I select "NO" and do a manually reboot, same behaviour. So, I manually restart the setup after the reboot. But now, the setup recopy all copied Components. After this, the Reboot-Dialog is shown again. Now, the setup starts automatically after reboot and finish the setup. Where is the problem at the first try?