View Full Version : Upgrading an existing instance installation

05-29-2014, 10:53 AM
I have a simple requirement for an installer that:
1. Asks the user for credentials (username and password) through a UI screen.
2. Copies a set of binaries to the file system
3. Calls a binary that was originally copied from the installer, passing in the collected credentials.
I am able to implement this using InstallAnywhere.

However, I also need to be able to provide an upgrade that:
1. Displays a custom UI screen to ask the user if they wish to:
a. Specify new credentials – the credentials specified in the existing installation have since changed.
b. Use the existing credentials specified in the initial installation.
2. Copy additional new binary files to the file system.
3. Call one of the newly copied binary files and pass the credentials as arguments (custom action)
4. InstallAnywhere will persist the credentials (if changed by the user) along with the existing variables.

How can I implement this upgrade scenario using InstallAnywhere? The Maintenance Mode options do not appear to offer an upgrade.