View Full Version : How should I programmatically do a "Manual Return"?

02-13-2014, 04:10 PM
Scenario: a license was activated on a customer's computer in trusted storage, then the customer's hard drive was formatted without returning the license. In FNO I can go to Support Licenses, find and select the fulfillment, then click Support Actions - Return. I want to do the same thing through code.

I'm trying to use the LicenseService.returnLicense() function, but it's (almost) always failing. I give returnLicense() a fulfillment ID for the activated license, and it comes back with the error "9000: No data records were found. [Incident# ...]" I am positive I'm giving it the corrrect fulfillment ID.

Interestingly, I tried with a fulfillment ID for a *certificate* license, and that worked. But any time I try with an activation license, it fails with the same error.

Anybody have any advice? Am I misunderstanding the purpose of this API? How can I troubleshoot?

I have looked in the fno log, found the incident #, and it has a call stack that includes the function "getCertificateFulfillmentByID". Is returnLicense only supposed to work with certificate licenses? I would find that surprising...

Also in the call stack I consistently find a "FLEXnetHibernateException". That seems suspicious and perhaps indicates this is a bug or misconfiguration...

Thanks in advance for any help.