View Full Version : Issue: Source is invalid due to inaccessible package

12-05-2013, 07:52 PM
Hi Folks,

I am just trying to do a GPO install of JRE1.7.45 it is working fine when deploying to windows 7 or later operating systems, however, for Win XP SP3 it is failing with the error (in the log):-

Note: 1: 1314 2: \\SomeServer\SharePath\DistributionDirectory
ConnectToSource: CreatePath/CreateFilePath failed with -2147483468 1314
Note: 1: 1706 sourcefile.msi (this is no valid source could be found)

It then drops down and starts trying to access the D:\ looking for the media source (there is no d:\ drive).

If I run msiexec command on the target machine using the network that above, the package installs correctly.

There are two files in the share, the MSI and the Data1.Cab file.

Does anyone know how to resolve this, permissions (as far as I can see) appear to be fine, the source path shown in the log file resolves correctly if I drop it into windows explorer.

I am not sure if it is unable to resolve the path back to the MSI or if it is really trying to access the cab file (which is in the same directory).