View Full Version : How are dependencies resolved when InstallShield scans for dependencies

09-22-2013, 10:08 AM
I have a new project that I am putting together. I have the scan for dependencies enabled for now because I want it for debugging for a little while. I am curious though, it seems as if the scan cannot resolve for dependent files even if the dependent file exists within the same directory.

For instance, I see that following:
"Could not find depending file AcComObjects.dll, or one of its dependencies of component AmazingCharts.AmazingAnalytics.dll"

AcComObjects.dll does exist within the same directory as the AmazingCharts.AmazingAnalytics.dll and it has been added to the project. So I would suspect that the scan should be able to resolve this file.

Perhaps the issue is a dependency of AcComObjects.dll? The message does indicate it could be that too?

Also, is there a better way of resolving dependencies like libc.dll which are handled with prerequisite installers?

Does anyone have any experience with this process? Also, is it better practice to leave this enabled or should I disable this once I am satisfied that my build is working correctly.

Thank you.

EDIT: Well I did try to remove the scan for dependencies setting from the AcComObjects component however, it did not change the status of the output. It looks like since the original .NET resource is scanning for dependencies, all files must scan regardless of the possible component settings of an individual file.