View Full Version : Not sure which version of Install Shield I need, any help?

08-27-2013, 03:16 PM
Currently the app I work on uses Click Once for the app deployment (requirement) and then there are 9 separate conditional deployables. 4 of the 9 are zip files while the remaining 5 are installers (using the Install Shield version that comes with VS 2012). We have a request from the deployment to see if we can roll the 9 conditionals into a single installer. I would like to think one of the versions of Install Shield would be able to handle this (at least for the installers), I am just not sure which one. I am also guessing that there is a way to script the unzip for the zip files as well.

The other thing that would be helpful would be having the ability to build the installers via the command line and/or changing the version numbers contained in the .isl file.

Can any of you Install Shield guru's point me in the correct direction?