View Full Version : Installing PnP Driver through DiFx

08-19-2013, 02:39 PM

I need to install a PnP device driver using DiFx.

In pure Installscript Project, I had kept the driver and related files in Support Folder and used DIFxDriverPackageInstall() to install the driver. In this case no copy of files were made into the [INSTALLDIR]. Installing driver automatically places binaries (.sys) into c:\windows\system32\drivers folder.

In Basic MSI project, I have used "Device Driver Wizard" to create components for my project. But after installation I found that the driver files are copied into "Program Files\My Company Name\My Product Name" folder. After driver is installed, its .sys file is automatically stored in c:\Windows\system32\drivers, so these extra files are not required.

One solution is to create custom action to delete the driver related files from "Program Files\My Company Name\My Product Name" folder.
Is there any cleaner way to install driver using DiFx framework in Basic MSI without copying driver files into [INSTALLDIR]?

Please help. Thanks in Advance.

- Shounak