View Full Version : Frequent Daemon down

08-14-2013, 11:35 PM
Hi everyone

I really do not know how to title my question as I do not know what has happened. The scenario is that I am using lmadmin to manage the license for an application known as FlexSim. The license manager is installed at a virtual machine with the following information.

OS: Windows 2003 Ent R2 SP2
PORT Used for Flexsim:27008,27018
VM version: center5

The port assigned is 27008 but it appeared as 27018. See enclosed.

The problem is that daemon is down very frequently to the extend of 2 ~ 3 times a day.

From the information log, the following is the information.

2013-08-13 22:04:18,109 root.Vendor ERROR: connecting to vendor flexsim.
2013-08-13 22:12:45,194 root.Vendor (flexsim) ERROR: receiving response message.
2013-08-13 22:13:15,991 root.Vendor (flexsim) stopped.
2013-08-13 22:13:20,491 root.Vendor (flexsim)maximum number of start retry is reached.

I do not know what is the problem and how should I start troubleshooting. I need advise badly!!

Thank you so much.