View Full Version : Installscript: self-register COM dll 64 bit in <WINSYSDIR64> directory

07-10-2013, 02:13 AM
I'm trying to register a 64 bit COM dll into the C:\windows\system32 directory on a Windows 7 64 bit pc.
I use an installscript project and i have marked the component as 64 bit and set the self-register flag to true.

When I run the install I see that the dll is copied into the right directory (system32) OK, but the registration is failed with an error:
the following file did not self-register. <file path in system32> the speficied moduel cannot be found.

The file is present but the registration is failed. It seems that the 64 bit directory redirection was re-activated before launch the registration procedure...

Note that all the other COM 64 bit dll placed in other directories are registered without errorrs. The problem seems related only to the system32 folder.

I'm evaluating the 2013 version of installshield (we are actually using a 2010 version that not supports the "64 bit" flag in the component).

Thanks in advance.
Michele Roncarati