View Full Version : Problems with mobile connection (3G/4G)

04-17-2013, 09:11 AM
We are a Swedish company that have started using the FlexNet licensing application. We have managed to get it working with the clients that are using the AutoCAD application when they are connected to a our firewalls through cable, but when they are trying to connect to the FlexNet server with a mobile connection (3G/4G) it won't connect.

The clients are using OpenVPN to connect to out intranet, and we have opened ports 27000-27009 (only tcp) along with port 2080 (both udp and tcp protocol), in our main-firewall along with the firewall in the virtual Windows 2008 server which is running the FlexNet server.

Is the problem occurring because bad connection/ping (e.t.c) or have we missed something in our own internal servers?