View Full Version : Options file INCLUDE rule precedence and flexibility

02-28-2013, 03:32 PM
We are using the options file to control different groups' access to our license servers and I have a question about the precedence of the rules.

We need to control the numbers of the features we allow and the way we are doing this is like the following example where we want userA and userB who are members of group1 to have access to 1 checkout of featureName:

GROUP group1 userA userB

INCLUDE featureName GROUP group1
MAX 1 featureName GROUP group1

This is working for us, but the question I have is what happens when a user is in two groups, continuing from the above example if we have group2 which has userB in it too that also allows 1 seat like:

GROUP group2 userB userC

INCLUDE featureName GROUP group2
MAX 1 featureName GROUP group2

In this scenario userB has shared access to featureName either through group1 or through group2. So is the Flex manager "smart" enough to know that if userC is using featureName then userB can still use it through group1 and similarly if userA is using featureName userB can access it through group2?