View Full Version : Optimize MSI for fast install

12-03-2012, 03:58 AM
I have 30,000 files to deploy over 150 directories, high amount (XML).

I seemed to recall reading somewhere (Problem is I forgot where) that the file table, file column was used to perform the sequencing installation files, where the sequence column really formed the sequence of files in the compressed cabinet.

The install I'm currently building is new, I have a chance to do a better job than my last install and I'm getting to the point where I need to add the 30,000 files.

To add these files initially am I better of:
using the component wizard?
Building a script and use the automation interface?

Should perhaps the column file in the file table should be prefixed with a few characters that relate to the folder they are going to be deployed in:

File Filename

BASE_File1 File1.dll
DOWN_Tile2 Tile2.dll
DOWN_File3 File3.dll
BASE_Xfile Xfile.dll
DOWN_Rfile Rfile.dll

Is there any benefit to doing this?

I don't want the msi engine to keep changing back and forth with directories, I want it to deploy a directory at a time to increase performance.

Not every file will be in a unique component, XML files for example will be grouped together in a single component.....perhaps of 1000 files.

Is there an optimum amount of files that could be held in 1 component.

Executables, dll's etc will be in their own unique components as per rules.

Can anyone offer constructive comments?