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11-20-2012, 11:42 AM
We are using (attempting to use) isautomation to do automatic builds. The problem I'm having is our release has 3 prerequisites. I need these all included in the setup.exe. While I can do this manually from the InstallShield UI, I need to do so programatically. Currently no matter the options I choose I cannot get the addrelease to use media type of web, nor can I find a way to set the install shield prerequisites location to extract from setup.exe.

iswiRelease.Compressed = true;
iswiRelease.MSIEngineLocation = ISWiEngineLocation.eelSetupExe;
iswiRelease.MsiEngineVersion = ISWiMSIEngineVersion.eev31;
iswiRelease.DotNetVersion = ISWiDotNetVersion.env11;
iswiRelease.DotNetFrameworkLocation = ISWiDotNetFrameworkLocation.dnlDotNetNone;
iswiRelease.WebType = ISWiWebType.ewtOneExe;
iswiRelease.DelayMSIEngineReboot = false;
iswiRelease.SetupEXE = true;
iswiRelease.MediaType = 4; // not working, documentation says read only

any help is greatly appreciated.