View Full Version : [Suite] Package detection condition fails when using a property

11-15-2012, 04:57 PM

we have a Suite that includes a 3rd party packages that is not an MSI's and whose uninstaller leaves registry keys behind. So we can't rely on the registry to see if the app is installed or not.

In order to get the packages detection condition right, we picked two detection conditions that both need to be true (All). One is Registry Exists and the other File Exists.

Our installer allows to change the target location and therefore the File Exists condition is using a property in the condition that can be changed in the UI.

Everything works fine when the user installs to the default drive, but when he chooses a different drive, the application in question is still installed correctly on the different drive, but the Suite falsely complains that the install failed. I assume the Suite's detection condition still uses the default property value instead of the updated one.

Is this a bug in the Suite projects (using 2012 Spring) or is it just not supported to use properties that can be changed in the UI in a Detection Condition?