View Full Version : Project won't add to source control

10-25-2012, 05:29 PM
I have a basic MSI project which I would like to add to our Team Foundation Source control. I was able to add another one of my projects earlier today without a problem, from within InstallShield (Project -> Source Control -> Add to Source Control).

Now it first generates a pop-up error saying no setup.rul can be found. In the script files folder there is no setup.rul but in the Behavior & Logic -> InstallScript view, a Setup.rul is shown. I have 2 project exhibiting the same exact behavior. On the test project, I went ahead and removed the setup.rul but the Results windows has only 2 lines:

Adding project to source control...
Project not added to source control.

If I try to re-add the Setup.Rul to the project it does create it on the filesystem, but I get the same results when adding to source control.