View Full Version : IS 2012 Speing SP1 Hangs While Extracting COM Data

10-17-2012, 12:38 PM
I have been running IS 2012 Spring for quite some time and all was well.
Not long ago I upgraded to a new machine and all was still well.
Today I upgrade IS 2012 Spring to SP1 and the wheels fell off the bus.
I am currently working on 5 Basic MSI projects and 2 Suite Projects.
3 of the 5 MSI projects extract COM data from some components at build time.
2 of those 3 projects build just fine.
The third project hangs up while extracting COM Data. It has been sitting there for over 1/2 hour extracting COM data from 3 components!
What could be the problem? This worked fine earlier today before I installed SP1 for IS 2012 Spring.
My machine has plenty of horsepower. Windows 8 64 bit, 6 Core 3.20Ghz with 16GB of RAM.
I suppose I should submit an incident under that pricey maintenance contract we have... but response from there is not commensurate with the price we pay (see another person's similar thoughts in an earlier post today).
Thanks for any ideas!

*** UPDATE ***
I was able to repeat this 3 times (abort IS after some minutes and try again). This has never happened to me before. Just for kicks I set the 'COM Extract at Build' to "No", and then the project built successfully. So I then set the 'COM Extract at Build' back to "Yes" and now it builds just fine!