View Full Version : Questions regarding Installscript 32/64 bit setups

09-27-2012, 10:07 AM

I have to create 64 bit versions of some existing 32 bit installscript setups.
I didn't find much information on how to tackle this, so here are some questions.

1.) Are there any guidelines and recommendations for creating a 64 bit version of a 32 bit installscript setup?

I read Targeting 64-Bit Operating Systems with InstallScript Installations (http://helpnet.flexerasoftware.com/installshield19helplib/helplibrary/Targeting64Bit-IS.htm#Introduction_3539228780_1282052http://), but there is no info on how organize the setup(s) to support 32- and 64-bit.

2.) Do I need 2 separate projects for the 32-bit and the 64-bit version?

I think i need 2 separate projects, i haven't seen something like "Release flags" for Installscript setups.
I don't see how the component property "64-Bit Component" could work in a single project for 32- and 64-bit.

3.) How can I prevent a parallel installation of the 32- and 64-bit version?

Using different product codes and check against the registry entry of the other product code?

4.) How can I permit a parallel installation of the 32- and 64-bit version?

Just by using different product codes?

5.) Where should I install 32-bit executables in a 64-bit setup?

I have one .exe which is still 32 bit, the other 10+ .exe files are 64 bit.
Is it ok to install this 32 bit exe in "ProgramFiles" instead of "ProgramFiles (x86)"?

I will have to do some tests with our existing setups, but this will be time consuming.
But i'm already short of time, so i was hoping to get some advice before doing these tests.

Regards, Erwin