View Full Version : Unable to create new project with SQL dialogs

09-19-2012, 06:15 AM
I have an existing project (created under InstallShield 2012 a year ago). This works as it should..but...

I have just tried to create a new InstallScript MSI project (in InstallShield 2012Spring) and then add the OnSQLLogin handler to my script.

N.B. I added SQLCONV.obl to the list of libraries in the build settings.

re-built the project and launced it.

As I reach the execution of the OnSQLLogin function I get the following error message.

'There was an error loading ISSQLSRV.DLL. This file needs to be loaded for InstallShield SQL operation. Verify that the file is in the SUPPORTDIR directory. Setup will now terminate.'

I have just installed InstallShield 2012Spring.
This left InstallShield 2012 still installed.

I have tried exectly the same project creation in InstallShield 2012 and get exeactly the same error.

Q. Am I missing a further addition to any project settings ?

I noticed that the 'Binary' table was missing the following line:

ISSQLSRV.DLL [Binary Data] <ISProductFolder>\redist\language independent\i386\issqlsrv.dll.

When I add it I get a different error:

'Error Number: 0x80040707 Description: DLL function call crashed: ISSQLSRV.ISSQLServerGetConnections'

This seems to imply the dll is now being found.
I noticed there are several more lines missin in other tables when comparing the new project with an existing one that still works.

Q. Has something changed in how the editor changes the project when the SQL reqirements are added. i.e. Is this a bug !

09-19-2012, 07:50 AM
I read your article (Using SQL Dialogs with DIM Projects)

I tried adding a dummy SQL Connection and that seems to make it all work again.

It removes the library reference when I remove the SQL Connection, so I guess I shall have to leave it in for now :(

Hope you will be releasing an SP1 for 2012 Spring with fiexes for these things !