View Full Version : [Urgent] IS2012Spring IIS dynamic config error

09-16-2012, 09:37 PM
Find the issue.

All property should be upper case.


Recently I built a Install package via 2012 spring, I do the steps as below, but when I try to install it, always roll back:

1. Drag 4 Edit Fields Control into a Blank Dialog
2. Set these 4 controls property as IISPort, IISHeader, IISUsername, IISUsername
3. In IIS Config Page, set the related text box value, [IISPort], [IISHeader], [IISUsername], [IISUsername]
4. In Property Manager Page, set these property's default value
5. Build the Pacakage.


Run the package, all default value displayed, try modify the value, install.
Check IIS Config, all values are the default value, not modified one.

If not set default, the install process will roll back.

Why? Can anybody help me?