View Full Version : ISPROJ InstallShieldPathVariableOverrides doesn't work

08-08-2012, 04:57 PM
I'm using the latest IS2012 Spring SAB on my build machine which is a TFS2010 build agent. When I specify a path variable override by modifying the ISPROJ file to include this:

<InstallShieldPathVariableOverrides Include="$(BinariesOutput)">

it does not override my "PATH_TO_TFSOUTPUT" path variable used in my Installshield MSI project. This failed on my local machine as well. I can run iscmdbld.exe builds (using -L) but that doens't use the ISPROJ file so I know it works with "custom" ways but in the TFS environment where MSBuild is used, it does not override my path variable... instead, it appears to simply use the one defined in the Installshield project.

Also, I know it's at least processing this because I made a typo originally using curly brackets instead of parenthesis for the TFS variable and I got an error that the folder didn't exist so I know MsBuild is able to evaluate the $(BinariesOutput) variable. Why is Installshield not able to do its part? Am I doing something wrong or has something changed in IS2012 Spring?