View Full Version : Requirements proir to an Installation

07-30-2012, 01:51 PM

I am using InstallShield Express 2012.

My installations are all two parts:

Part 1 Installs a Learning Management Center
Part 2 Installs a Course (or several courses)

Each are set up as separate installations. There is only one type of Part 1 installation but there are over 20 part 2 installations depending on the courses that people have purchased.

I would like to prevent people from running the part 2 installation before they have run the part 1 installation. Both installations get installed to the same location. I was thinking that I could look for a file or folder that is unique to the Part 1 installation and if it isn't there not allow the part 1 installation to continue. BUT I am not sure of how I would go about doing that.

Thanks in advance.