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05-07-2012, 01:11 PM
I need some help with Upgrade Paths which doesn't seem to be working.

I'm trying to create a new msi embedded exe which will either install from scratch on a machine which doesn't have an earlier version or upgrades an earlier version to the latest.

I added an upgrade paths entry, I left the Product Code the same as this is not a major upgrade. The Upgrade Code is the same.
In the Upgrade Paths entry:-
I have Min Version = 7.0.0 and Include Min Version = Yes.
I have Max Version = 7.0.3 and Include Max Version = Yes.
Lang Search = Exclude Language...
Ignore Remove Failure = No
Migrate Feature States = No.

The machine I'm trying to install on has Version 7.0.2 installed.
The version number I'm trying to upgrade to is 7.0.4.

When I run the installer I get a message box saying that there is already a version installed and I have to use Add/Remove programs to uninstall it first.

Why isn't it simply upgrading the installed version to this new one ?????????

05-07-2012, 01:58 PM
To partly answer my own problem... If I change the Product Code but leave the Upgrade Code alone then it will upgrade to the new version. This info is in the IS Express help, sorry I missed it before.

:mad: HOWEVER. It leaves the Add/Remove Programs entry for the old version on there so there are now 2 entries, one for version 7.0.2 and one for 7.0.4

I can then use the 7.0.2 uninstall to remove that version without affecting 7.0.4. I would really really like a way to remove the earlier version automatically :(

HOWEVER.. having done that if I then uininstall 7.0.4 it leaves behind an empty application folder under Program Files(x86), presumeably because it was created by the 7.0.2 installer. But that makes no sense as all the files inside it were correctly removed even though they were initially created by 7.0.2 and then updated by 7.0.4.

Jeez I hate this. :mad: