View Full Version : VBScipt returns no INSTALLDIR

03-26-2012, 08:51 AM
I am Trying for several days to get things working. Basically wat I want is the following.
I am trying to run a VBScript from the target system trough the custom action "After File Transfer". The script has to read an textfile from that folder whitch is also copied and performs some actions.
The script returns nothing on the Session.Property("INSTALLDIR") and I am not able to set the current folder to read the textfile. Even if I try through the VBScripting to get the working folder it gives me always "C:\Windows\System32" whitch is not my installfolder defined in Installshield.

I use Installshield 2012 - Express Edition. It is stil evaluation but whitout a sulution I have to search for other tools.

Anybody some ideas becouse this is so frustrating.