View Full Version : The installation folder becomes readonly when installation is done in Admin Group

03-20-2012, 04:38 AM

I m using IS 2009 Express Edition. I have modified the ism file to run the installer in Administrator mode irrespective of the type of the user(used to run the installer) . I had set the administrative installing change in media->PROJECTASSISTANT->SINGLEIMAGEEXE->Setup.exe->RequiredExecutionLevel = Administrator. (Previously it was Invoker).

For ex: If the msi is installed in standard user it will prompt for the administrator privileges. (Elevated privileges).

I have created a user with administrative privileges(not a standard user/administrator account ) on a windows 2k8. When I run the installer from the created account, it gets installed successfully. But I noticed that the files installed under the “program files” folder becomes read only. Only the Administrator account has the privileges to edit the files.
The expected behavior is that the any user with administrative privileges (including the domain controller admin group users) should be able to modify the files. Can you point us to any config properties in install shield that lets us set the required permissions? I have set the ALLUSERS property to 1.