View Full Version : The Feature RLPcWW cannot be found

03-19-2012, 08:53 AM

I am installing ClearQuest on a new server.
From the IBM site, I downloaded:
1) IBM Rational ClearQuest Evaluation Key Windows, C94V2NA.upd (0 KB)

2) IBM Rational ClearQuest V7.1.2 Evaluation Windows English, RATL_ClearQuest_EVAL_WIN.zip (1907 MB)

3) IBM Rational License Key Server V8.1.1 Evaluation for Windows Multilingual, ratlRLKS_Server_8-1-1_EVAL_Windows.zip (142 MB)

I have gone through the ClearQuest install wizard and have installed Oracle 11g as the backend, creating a user/schema called ClearQuest.

I've also loaded this evaluation license into the IBM Rational License Key Administrator .

Now, I am trying to use the ClearQuest maintenance tool to create my schema. But, I receive an error saying:

"The Operation could not be complete because of a licensing error: The FEATURE name RLPwCC with version 1.0 cannot be found" [error:-5,357].

Any ideas??