View Full Version : Unable to update ARL for large number of apps

01-03-2012, 09:41 AM

I'm having a problem with the ARL update in FlexNet Manager 8.4.1 where a large number of applications refuse to get the ARL info updated.
These applications are listed in the report "Application Recognition Library Update Summary" with the following comment:

"...updated in ARL, but not updated locally because update mode is Never"

My question is how do I change the update mode for this large number of applications?
I've been told there is a script or routine available for this, but I have not been able to find any info about this, so any help is highly appreciated.
Thank you.

01-12-2012, 09:13 AM
I actually found somewhat of a solution with the help of my trusted FlexNet Service Provider. Here is what I did:

ARL update behavior

The execution of the ARL script can add new records, modify existing records, and delete old records. New records are added to increase the number of application recognized. Records are modified to make them more reliable and to help standardize the ARL. Old records that are no longer needed are deleted. Usually the modifications will be accepted, but in a few instances an ARL modification will be blocked. There are three reasons why an ARL update would be blocked:

The record has been modified locally
The record has a license attached
The modification would result in a primary key clash
Records modified locally

For any given application, the ARL may update several database tables including SoftwareTitle, FileEvidence, InstallerEvidence, WmiEvidence, and the links that exist between these. In order to preserve any local changes that you have made to your data, each of these areas is guarded by separate checksums. If a checksum shows that you have altered an item, that item will no longer be updated by the ARL (although other related but unchanged items may still be updated). For example, if you edit a record of installer evidence linked to an application, then that installer evidence record will no longer be updated by the ARL, although the related application may still be updated. Similarly, if you add new evidence to an application (thereby changing the links between items), the ARL will no longer update relationships around this application (that is, will not make any changes to those links), but may still update the basic records. Also note that the checksums do not protect every field in a record, and you may change the 'unprotected' fields without impact.

You can restore all your locally modified records to match the ManageSoft ARL by changing an internal ForceUpdateAllRecords configuration setting value to "true". This value can be set by running the following SQL command on your ManageSoft database:

USE ManageSoft
UPDATE SoftwareRecognitionConfiguration
SET Value = 'true'
WHERE Property = 'ForceUpdateAllRecords'

Once this command has run, all records will be modified to match the ARL every time an ARL update is downloaded. To change it back to the default behavior, replace 'true' with 'false' and re-run the above command.

Note: All of your local modifications will be lost when you update the ARL with this value set to 'true'.

Records with attached licenses

If the ARL attempts to delete an application that has been linked to a license, then that deletion will be blocked. Your database will keep the application and its attached license even though it is no longer in the published ARL. Any other types of modifications to the same record (other than deletion) should be updated successfully, as long as you have not also manually modified details on the application.

This helped me update the ARL and the previously locked application.
Before you do this make sure to have proper backup in place.