View Full Version : Cannot Run two License Services at a time. Help!

12-13-2011, 07:54 PM
Hi Folks,

I am trying to run May2011 and Mocha2 license servers on the same machine.
I can run either one of the servers alone without a problem on machine, meaning that if I run Mocha2 Flexlm service, it will serve out Mocha licenses, or if I stop that service and run Maya2011 Flexlm service, it will serve out Maya licenses. However, when I try and start the two of them, so that I can use one machine to serve out Maya and Mocha licenses, only the last one started will work and it seems to bump off the other.

Both services are pointing to separate lmgrd.exe files.

The Flexlm version serving out Maya is:
FLEXnet Licensing v11.7.0.0 build 76260 x64_n6 (lmgr.lib), Copyright (c) 1988-2009 Acresso Software Inc. All Rights Reserved.

While the Flexlm version serving out Mocha is:
FLEXnet Licensing v11.6.0.0 build 60117 x64_n6 (lmgr.lib), Copyright (c) 1988-2008 Acresso Software Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Does anyone know what the possible issues are here or might have run into this problem before? I looked at the .log files and there wasn't anything I could see as useful.

I thought the purpose of FLexLM was to serve out multiple license services.

Please help if you can.