View Full Version : Release ENGINEER WHO IS EXCELLENT IN Installshield +ICE

11-28-2011, 04:38 PM
I have a full-time opening at Vocera for Release Engineer. Who works off MSI Based Installers.

Could this be of interest to you.

have a unique job opening we need someone strong in MSI but at the same time a strong installer who is also strong in scripting. Does this sound like you?

San Jose Perm.
Even though position is SWE, they specifically are looking for an installer engineer or a release engineer; it's a very specific sub category of SWE. Many people have a little exp creating installers for this or that application, but truly want a release engineering professional doing it for 5-10 years.
They want, with a whole lot of scripting experience (cold be anything, specifics of scripting language doesn't really matter, just have to be familiar with some). installer everything installed by installer program, but people who created installers for enterprise applications. who knows installers
We need someone with strong scripting and installer background.
Strong with MSI is more important than strong with C++. All of our software is written in Java and C++, so experience with those languages facilitates communication with the developers. but we're looking for someone who is strong in the installer technologies, which are MSI and InstallShield.

JOB TITLE: Senior Software Developer

Scope of Position
Develop MSI-based installers for a range of product offerings. The candidate must be experienced in all phases of software development cycle from development through QA, deployment and maintenance. The position is within the Vocera Engineering team, will work closely with development, QA and release engineering and will report to the Director of Software Engineering.

· Own the architecting and development of the Vocera MSI-based installers and tools
· Maintain legacy installer code base for all application installers and tools
· Provide second tier installer support for customers and QA
· Contribute insight to the installer development roadmap
· Provide backup support for our release engineering role

Education, Skills, and Experience

· Bachelor's degree in Software Development or related discipline
· At least 5 years experience designing and developing MSI installers
· Strong knowledge of InstallScript and InstallShield IDE
· Experience with MSI update packaging and merge modules
· Familiarity with creating installers for enterprise applications on Windows platforms that deliver and configure web servers and DBMSs
· Familiarity with ICE and ability to write custom ICE tools
· Experience with push install technology
· Knowledge of and interest in application virtualization
· Knowledge of and interest in installer localization
· Experience with continuous integration tools like Hudson, CruiseControl
· Knowledgeable in one or more scripting languages like Ruby, Python, PowerShell, VBscript
· Strong experience with one or more SCM tools like Perforce, StarTeam, Subversion, Mercurial
· Excellent troubleshooting skills
· Excellent analytical, verbal, and written communication skills
· The ability to work independently with minimal supervision, possess resourcefulness and complex problem-solving capability
· Experience in C, C++ and Java a plus
email michelle@peritoeleven.com