View Full Version : 2012 Silent Installation - Standard Dialogs

11-11-2011, 04:22 AM
I am following the documentation here (http://kb.flexerasoftware.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalID=Q101901) for silent installation.

It says that - All InstallShield built-in and Sd dialogs automatically handle the values stored in the InstallShield Silent Response File (.iss file). If you are authoring custom dialogs, you will need to call SilentReadData to handle the dialog box's return values in silent mode.

So, if I run the silent install, shouldn't I write code at all to Silently read the data even for Standard Dialogs ? I am a little confused as I am getting Reposne -3 for standard dialogs.

I am using Install Shield 2012 Professional Version

Thanks in advance.