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11-08-2011, 07:01 PM
Good evening everyone.

IS 2012 professional basic msi.

Actually, the .basic MSI was built with IS 2011 Professional and recently migrated to IS 2012.

I have a Major upgrade item defined under, "Media\Upgrades".
The detect property is "OLDPRODUCTS".
And it works.

However, it seems that if I change the detect property name.
Or, delete the Major upgrade item and add in a replacement (and accept the IS suggested detect property name), I get a Val008 message during the build.
The Val 008 message indicates that the new detect property name is not a member of SecureCustomProperties.
BUT, it IS a member.
Cuz I can "see" it before I build the project.

If I change the detect property name back to "OLDPRODUCTS", then the Val 008 message goes away.

Does anyone have an idea what may be occurring ?
MUST I use "OLDPRODUCTS" as the major upgrade detect property name ?

And would anyone have an idea what I might need to do in order to change the name away from "OLDPRODUCTS" to something else ?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Ray in Wisconsin

11-09-2011, 02:58 PM

If I set the Detect property to OLDPRODUCTS, I do NOT receive the Val 008 message when building my MSI.

If I set the detect property to anything other than, OLDPRODUCTS", I DO receive the VAL 008 message when building the MSI.

That said ……………

I think I may have resolved the issue.

My MSI consumes about 60 or so merge modules.

After removing the merge modules from my MSI, one by one, I was able to identify a particular merge module that, when included in the MSI, seems to be responsible for the VAL 008 message appearing.

If I DON’T include this one merge module in my MSI, then I can successfully set the detect property to anything I desire.
And I do NOT receive a VAL 0008 message when building the .MSI.

And if I DO include this particular merge module, then I DO receive the VAL 008 message when building the .MSI (If the detect property is anything but “OLDPRODUCTS”).

I don’t “get it”.
As an aside:
For grins and giggles, I went into the property table of the old mm using Orca, and deleted everything in it.
Then after saving it, I rebuilt my MSI consuming this modified MM.
And this was successful.
In that I could include the MM “and” change the major upgrade detect property to anything I wanted without a VAL 008 message appearing.

Anyway , the mm in question was built some years ago.
I tried migrating it to IS2012 and then having the MSI consume it
But that did NOT fix the VAL 008 issue.

So, I re-authored the MM in IS2012 professional.
And “that”, seems to have fixed the issue.

I can now include it in my .MSI and at the same time change the Major upgrade Detect property to anything I want without receiving the Val 008 message.

So, even though I don’t understand what the exact issue is, (between the old mm and my MSI), I’m pleased that simply re-authoring the mm in IS2012, has had a positive effect.

Ray in Wisconsin

11-23-2011, 01:17 PM
This is a bit of a stab in the dark, but could your existing merge module have had a non-modularized SecureCustomProperties property that happened to include OLDPRODUCTS but not the new property name?