View Full Version : Customize single file executable properties

11-08-2011, 01:03 AM

I created the installer using following command in a batch file:
ISCmdBld.exe -p %PROJFILE% -r "Release_1" -b "%PROJDIR%\Media\Release_1" -w
I had modified the setup launcher properties using "General Information view" and also modified file description and copyright using "Releses view" >> "setup.exe tab" >> "Use custom version properties" >> enter the information.
I get the customized information in file properties of setup.exe (NO PROBLEM with multifile installer)

Now I create single file installer using following command :
ReleasePackager.exe "%PROJDIR%\Media\Release_1\Disk Images" "%PROJDIR%\Media\Release_1\Package\Setup.exe" "<PATH_TO_ICON>"
The created single file installer is having Installshied information as file properties and not the customized information which I provided to the installshield in above step.

Please help me to get customized file information for single file installer.